Adult Nursing Services

Adult Nursing Services

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Adult nursing services provide care for adults of all ages who are experiencing physical, psychological, and social challenges due to illness, injury, or disability. These services are designed to help individuals reach and maintain their maximum level of independence and quality of life.

Adult nurses provide holistic care, which includes assessing the physical, psychological, and social needs of patients, and then developing appropriate care plans. They also provide education, counseling, and support to help patients and their families manage their health care needs. Adult nurses are also responsible for administering medications, monitoring vital signs, providing wound care, and providing emotional support.

Adult nurses often collaborate with other healthcare providers, such as physicians and physical therapists, to ensure that patients receive comprehensive care. They also coordinate with social workers and other mental health professionals to provide resources and support to patients and their families.

Adult nurses are also involved in preventive care, health promotion, and community outreach. They work with educational and community-based organizations to provide health education and promote healthy lifestyles. Adult nurses may also be involved in research to improve care for adult patients.